Daria RusakovaFounder of the Gallery, gallerist, poet, art-manager.image11


Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow History of the Theatre and the Cinema.

Moscow Institute of Art Business and Antiques — Art management, Art collecting.

2013 — 2015  Executive Director in «Five Centuries» — The Gallery of Antiques (Moscow — Rome).


Our life is a journey, the road, and  the Art makes it brighter and more saturated. In the space of ART guest we share with you the impressions, spiritual, and intellectual experiences of our artistic Odyssey with great pleasure. Choosing for you the artwork, we rely not only on knowledge but also on intuition. The pursuit of sensational names and brands is not our style. We follow the concept of «antibrand»: we are interested in new names and new discoveries. For you, our guests and clients, we advise  to follow the internal sensations — not only  trends and regulations. We are open to new roads and opportunities, and at the same time, we want to go our way,  remaining sincere and tolerant, without imposing our vision of the world to others.

Join us and come for a visit!