Kidara Diamanta. Liberty of Thoughts. Photo Collage. 40×50 cm

Our International Art-Gallery is a creative space for those whose passion is Art. It’s neither a gallery in the usual sense of the word, nor the Internet shop. We work individually with each client. Every painting presented on our web-site is a unique work of art that we had selected personally.

We help you to choose a painting for your interior (and your life), so
this process takes place in several stages:


Stepan Myannik. Cocaine. Oil on canvas. 114×132 cm. 2015

1. Visual selection. Are you interested in any of our art works? Well, look at it closely: what feelings does this painting cause in you? Are colors pleasant to you? Imagine, how this work of art fits your living space… Whether this picture is combined with interior design of your house?


Lenka le Partl. Love Test. Oil on canvas. 100×150 cm. 2014

2.Emotional contact. It’s considered to be that each thing has its own energy, especially a work of art. The Artist puts in his creation a part of himself. We offer you only contemporary art.  The artists we present live in different countries and cultural spaces, but all of them have their unique style and absolutely dedicated to Art. We have close friendly relations with each artist and can be charged for the «aura» of each painting.


Dieter Castello Perez. Gorgona. Oil on card. 30×25 cm. 2013

3. Getting to know the painting.  If you decided to buy the painting, we can organize a personal meeting (or by Skype), during which we’ll speak in detail about the artist, and discuss the provenance of the art work, the history of its creation, in what exhibitions it had participated, etc. Next, we’ll organize for you a viewing of the painting. If you really like a work of art, but you still have doubts, we can give it to you «to try»: the work will be at your place for a few days during which you «look» to each other. So you’ll understand if you comfortably coexist with the painting in one space. If you really like it, and you make a final decision, we make agreement.