About the project  
«Progressors: From myth to math» is an ambitious project that unites the spheres of art and technology. It will revive interest in antiquity and classical culture through a new language of science.
• The main actual task of the project is to show the cultural dialogue between antiquity and modernity, between the ancient idols and creators of the modern world- Nobel Prize winners/Astronauts/ Great Thinkers/ Inventors
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 Pi project connects ancient and modern 
As time goes it becomes more complicated to explain the ancient history today. Pi explains it the best. This project is important as it has the modern approach to tell the history of the classic Greek culture and shows that it is still relevant, as our culture has «Gods» like Bill Gates or Elon Musk and other people who shape the future. Parthenon was built to show the wealth at the height of its Empire and today it has to be remembered to reflect our world.
Our Purposes for the society 
The purpose of the exhibition is to educate, but Pi Project gives an ability to make it in a smart- entertainment way.
The Pi number has no end, which means that the exhibition will continue as long as we have great people in our society
The purpose of this project is not only to entertain the viewers but to generate the mental expansion as after visiting this exhibition visitors would want to explore the Parthenon.
It goes together with the goal to be modern and yet connects it with the  world heritage past.
This exhibition will help to attract the new generation audience from 15-25 as the gallery space will speak at the modern language.
The idea is great and simple, as it can be self -explained, but yet is extremely meaningful.
A project created  by Stepan Myannik
2018 to be graduated Masters of Arts at Southampton University
2017 Graduated University of Fine Art  Camberwell, London, UK
Over the period of studying here I have participated in a various student group exhibitions until I made my solo exhibition in summer 2015 with «Artefax» charity organisation in London
Stepan’s works are in private collections in Russia and the UK, in particular:-The Bishops Palace, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
In the private collection of a descendant of the imperial Romanov dynasty, Prince Rostislav Romanov.
 The Gallery «Triumph», Moscow  and its upcoming exhibition
The businessman collection who is included in the TOP-20 FORBES Russia.
09.2015  » SPLIT? SPLIT! » ,  Solo exhibition at » Cinema ” gallery, Moscow.
In 2016 An art movement was organized  “NevermindTheGap” where everyone can exhibit their art together on the train in Tube instead of looking for the space.
10.2015 Participation in the annual charity auction of the Russian Ball in London
05.2016 Participation in the Charity Auction «Oxymoron: The Philosophy of Space», in favor of the Xenia Novikova Foundation «Our Meaning of Life».
 11.2016 «Never Mind The Gap» Supervising an interactive exhibition in the Moscow metro, as part of the Night of the Arts.
26.01. 2017
Moscow  ARTPLAY center of arts and design dedicated to alcoholism threat together with Daria Rusakova’s poetry
For 2018 my goal is the realization of  Pi Project